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TheNavalArch Provides Engineering and Design Services for Maritime Industry

SINGAPORE – Jan. 28, 2021 – Engineering is the cornerstone of the success of any maritime operation. And engineering for the maritime industry is changing!

Are these situations familiar to you?

  • Engaging a super costly local consultant for your project only to find out they didn’t have the right expertise, leading to missed deadlines, unprofessional looking reports and a paper load of comments from Class?
  • Always on the lookout for the right people – a naval architect, a designer/draftsman, the electrical engineer to complete your project on time?
  • Purchasing costly software for design, only to realize that you may not have the right person to work with it, while you keep paying the hefty software maintenance charges?

Engineering and design for the maritime industry is changing, dynamically. It is not possible for every organization to maintain an in-house team of experts for every scope which they need to deliver. Also, reliable engineering help is hard to come by, and takes days, if not months of trying out multiple sources to find a dependable one.

TheNavalArch is aware of the pain points of engineering for the maritime world, and claim to have the right solutions:

  • A network of experts from around the globe with which they match the client’s requirements to the right consultants in the domain.
  • They manage projects end-to-end. All reports are delivered to match the highest industry standards and receive smooth approval from Class/MWS.
  • They have put in-place a milestone-based payments system – the client is charged for different stages of delivery.

TheNavalArch is committed to getting their clients’ work done – on budget and on schedule. Clients are required to just fill in the simple forms, and the team at TheNavalArch gets back swiftly make their engineering work smooth sailing.

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About TheNavalArch 

TheNavalArch Pte Ltd is a Singapore-registered company with its website serving as its platform for rich online products being offered to the maritime world. Run by a collective of experts from the industry, it currently houses some quality software products and articles, with more being added regularly. It endeavors to become the richest hub for quality online resources and services for the maritime industry.

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