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SELBYVILLE, Del. – March 31, 2021 – Humphree USA was selected by Atlantic Wind Transfers to supply advanced stabilization systems for its latest crew transfer vessel (CTV) for offshore wind power generation fields on the U.S. East Coast.

The Humphree stabilizers will provide a smooth ride for the specialized high-speed vessels that will deliver workers, supplies and spare parts to the wind turbine towers.

The boat was built at Blount Boats for Atlantic Wind Transfers, based on a design by Chartwell Marine in the United Kingdom. The 65-foot aluminum twin-hull vessel is designed on proven hull forms widely used in wind farms in Europe.

Humphree is supplying a stabilization system consisting of four HA transom-mounted interceptors, two on each hull, with computerized active ride control. The fully integrated system will compensate automatically and rapidly for rolling and pitching motions while constantly maintaining the desired trim and list.

The Atlantic Endeavor began operations in December 2020 based out of Little Creek, Virginia. The CTV will be servicing the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Farm (CVOW) for Dominion Energy to support the two Siemens Gamesa 6MW turbines 27 miles off Virginia Beach.

The CTV is U.S. Coast Guard certified, U.S. flagged and manned by U.S. crews. They also meet the stringent right whale protection requirements.

“These CTVs are designed and built to provide fast and reliable 24/7/365 service to wind farms 100 miles or more from the coast regardless of wind and sea conditions,” said Sean Berrie, CEO of Humphree USA. “Safety and comfort for passengers and crew are a number one priority during the high-speed transits, and the boats must also be able to provide a stable platform for embarking workers and unloading equipment alongside the turbine towers. At Humphree, we are able to draw on our company’s extensive experience with offshore wind craft in Europe to specify the ideal stabilization system for this application.”

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Photo caption: New offshore wind farm vessel with Humphree stabilization.

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Humphree was established in 2002 and is a leading manufacturer of interceptors, fins and automatic trim, list and stabilization controls for recreational and commercial marine vessels. The parent company is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Humphree USA is responsible for sales and service in the Americas.

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