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SELBYVILLE, Del. – Dec 1, 2020 – “Overall, a better and more comfortable ride.” That’s what Bob Konz, captain of the 71-ft. Jim Smith custom sportfishing yacht Fantasia, had to say after the installation of a Humphree stabilization system.

The 1995-built sportfisherman was retrofitted earlier this year with a pair of Humphree HE900 interceptors with Active Ride Control.

Humphree’s patented interceptors are compact and robust transom-mounted units with an adjustable blade that deploys vertically into the water stream beneath the hull to create a lift force counteracting the vessel’s roll-and-pitch motions. Response times are less than one second. The interceptors are electrically powered with no messy hydraulics.

The Humphree Active Ride Control consists of an advanced digital controller with adaptive algorithms and an advanced sensor package. The fully automatic system, when engaged, uses inputs from GPS, gyro and accelerometers to measure 3D rate of turn and accelerations to adjust the interceptors automatically and dynamically. In addition to adjusting for roll and pitch, the Active Ride Control automatically optimizes the boat’s trim and list angles.

“I like how they eliminate the boat’s rocking side to side while running, and the boat has a less wet ride while in choppy seas,” said Captain Konz. “Since the retrofit, we’ve also boosted our top speed and reduced our fuel consumption by an estimated 15 gallons on a 150-mile run.”

Sean Berrie, CEO of Humphree USA, commented: “Humphree interceptors and computerized stabilization controls are very popular with large ocean-going sportfishing yachts on the tournament circuit, and are normally installed by Jim Smith and other builders at construction. They boost performance by improving acceleration as the boat comes up to speed, giving a faster time to plane and enabling a tighter turning radius at speed. They also give a more stable and comfortable ride, even in rough weather.”

The Fantasia retrofit was performed in about five workdays by the Dynamic Marine Group at Barnegat Bay Marine in New Jersey.

Photo captions: 1. Fantasia with Humphree automatic interceptors 2. Fantasia underway

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Humphree was established in 2002 and is a leading manufacturer of interceptors, fins and automatic trim, list and stabilization controls for recreational and commercial marine vessels. Humphree USA is responsible for sales and service in the Americas. The parent company is in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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