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Impact Fenders Releases Two New Protective Products This Fall

The company adds a large houseboat fender and a beach landing pad to their product offerings.

DURANGO, Colo. (Nov 11, 2020): Impact Fenders, a custom boat fender and dock bumper company, is excited to launch two new products this fall. Impact Fenders were created to redesign the boat fender and dock bumper to better fit the needs of today’s boat owners.

The Powell Pad: Building upon their current boat fender lineup, the Impact Powell Pad is a large fender made for houseboats or large yachts. This large fender can be hung along the side of your boat for maximum protection. The Powell Pad comes in 9’ x 2’ x 2” or custom sizing and is available in all 9 of Impact’s premium colors.

Beach Landing Pad: Created to satisfy popular demand, the Impact Beach Landing Pad is used to protect the hull of your boat when beaching up, especially on rocky shores. This pad comes in 4.5’ x 4’ x 1” or 4.5’ x 4’ x ½” and comes with 2 cam straps and 5 pegs. The Beach Landing Pad is available in all 9 of Impact’s premium colors.

Impact also now offers three different fastening systems for their products to meet the different needs of boat owners. Through a partnership with Danik Hook, Impact is offering four different size and material options. The Danik Hook fastening systems are a great upgrade for larger boats, that want to use lines with their fenders. Popular with yachts, sailboats and houseboats. The Danik Hooks can be easily fastened to cleats or railings when a stronger fastening system is needed.

Another new option is the Cam Strap fastening system. The Cam Strap is a heavy-duty fastening system. It has a rubber-coated cam buckle and webbing to protect your boat from scratches. They will easily fasten to any cleat, handle, tower, etc. They are recommended for larger boats (sailboats, yachts, houseboats).

The newest addition to Impact’s fastening systems is the Top Knot Mooring Line. These floating dock lines that come with a triple stitched pre-sewn loop allow you to dock and moor your boat quickly and safely. Another option for boaters who want to use a line but want to skip the messy knots.

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Captions for images: 1) Impact Fenders Founders 2) Impact Beach Landing Pad in Orange 3) Impact Powell Pad in Dark Blue

About Impact Fenders:

Founded by Brian and Courtney, Impact Fenders created an extremely tough and impact resistant boat fender and dock bumper that gives maximum protection for today’s high-tech boats and docks. Made with modern materials and technology, their products have the leading-edge solution to protect your investment.

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