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Herbert Engineering Corp. Announces Executive Transition

Hendrik Bruhns Appointed as President

Anaheim, Calif. – July 1, 2021 – Herbert Engineering Corp. (HEC), announces the appointment of a seasoned executive, Hendrik Bruhns, as President. Hendrik succeeds Spencer Schilling who will formally step down as President on July 1st, 2021. Spencer, who has worked for HEC for 38 years, 14 of them as President, is happy to pass the torch to the next generation. Spencer explained, “I have been privileged to work with a very talented team here at HEC and our wonderful clients trusted us with interesting and challenging work. We have capable and experienced staff and Hendrik is the perfect person to lead this group into a very exciting future and a continuation of the HEC legacy.” Spencer will remain as a member of the HEC Board of Directors and remain active in the company, although at reduced levels, to further support Hendrik through this critical transition of management duties and client relationships.

Hendrik Bruhns, a trained naval architect comes from an 11-year commitment as President of the HEC affiliate and maritime software firm, Herbert-ABS Software Solutions LLC. Hendrik was responsible for all aspects of marketing and operations, and successfully improved the customer experience, reinforced the organization’s financial strength and guided investment in new digital capabilities. He started his professional career at MEC Marine Equipment & Consulting, working on container cell guides and lashing equipment. Later he joined the Stability Department of Germanischer Lloyd—heading the department from 2002-2008—where he oversaw planning, approval, coordination and implementation of ship safety and environmental protection projects, particularly intact and damage stability, ballast water management, fuel tank protection and collision strength.

Hendrik had been serving as an Executive Vice President and Manager of Business Development for HEC since January 1, 2021. This transition coupled with his service on the HEC board since 2009, and his time as President of Herbert-ABS, makes him well qualified for management at the highest level and for proper care and support of HEC’s strong client relationships that have developed over the years.

Hendrik Bruhns’ focus will be the continuation of HEC’s offerings in naval architecture, cutting-edge consulting services for ship-design and vessel acquisition, structural and ship stability analysis, and risk-and-repair assessments. Hendrik will also continue to serve Herbert-ABS Software Solutions LLC as Board Director, and when necessary, will support Michael Newton, recently appointed as President of the software company. HEC’s 50 percent stake in Herbert-ABS Software Solutions make their relationship quite unique in the industry as a marine software and engineering firm.

Bruhns says that “The success of Herbert Engineering Corp. is due to the work culture driven by employee ownership, combined with the mentorship of its up-and-coming talent. These knowledge-sharing investments ensure the success of next-generation leaders.”

Fifty-eight years ago, HEC was born from a pioneering spirit and is solidly positioned as a maritime authority with global offices that operate as a single entity with quality procedures and project management implemented on a company-wide basis. HEC’s global reach, with its headquarters in Alameda (San Francisco) and offices globally dispersed in Asia, Europe, Annapolis and Houston, enables HEC to efficiently serve a diverse spectrum of clients. Maintaining leadership continuity is a key factor of HEC’s success; therefore, Hendrik’s position as Chairman of the Board for HEC’s Shanghai company will also remain unchanged.

Hendrik notes that “HEC also offers great value in their ability to produce technically rational, cost-efficient energy solutions and emission-reduction measures to meet regulatory compliance.” Their participation in the International Maritime Organization—the United Nations’ specialized agency for the safety of shipping and the prevention of pollution by ships—has also led HEC to their regulatory and technical solutions focus. “The devil is in the details,” says Bruhns. “So, a strong regulatory knowledge in interpreting regulations and guidelines is another pivotal HEC strength.” Hendrik’s participation in the National Academy of Science and a past member of IMO delegations, holding numerous committee positions since 2002, also make him the informed, forward-looking leader ideally suited to Herbert Engineering.

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Herbert Engineering Corp. (HEC) is an employee-owned corporation established in 1963 by Robert Herbert in San Francisco and is headquartered in Alameda, California, with site offices in Annapolis, Houston, Asia and Europe. HEC is actively involved in the design of ships, marine systems and offshore structures. HEC provides marine consulting and software development services to shipowners, operators, charterers, shipyards and government agencies.

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